Zurrieq and Borgo Maggiore – San Marino


The first initiative to form this twinning was put forward by the Mayor, Joe Cassar, after meeting a member of the Giunta di Borgo Maggiore, Republic of San Marino. After a consensus to proceed, the first visit was done by a delegation from Borgo Maggiore led by their Mayor, Capitano di Castello, Orazio Pignatta. This meeting was a great success and the two sides decided to promote the twinning. In October Mayor Joe Cassar led a Zurrieq delegation to reciprocate this visit and start the final touches for the twinning to take place.

In June, 2000, a delegation headed by the Capitano di Castello (Mayor) of Borgo Maggiore, San Marino visited Zurrieq to sign the twinning agreement. The twinning of the two localites was officalised by the Mayor of Zurrieq Mr.Joe Cassar and Il Capitano di Castello di Borgo Maggiore, Signor Pier Orazio Pignatta, on the 1st of June, 2000 Zurrieq Day by the signature of the twinning declaration highlighting mutual friendship and collaboration between the two communities. In September, 2001, a Maltese delegation made up of all the Council members visited Borgo Maggiore to reciprocate and finalised the twinning process, which was held in Borgo Maggiore on the 18th of Spetember, 2001 by Il Capitano di Castello di Borgo Maggiore, Signor Pier Orazio Pignatta and Mayor of Zurrieq, Mrs Antonia Farrugia.

Since the signing of the twinning agreement several exchanges of councillors of citizens and councillors have taken place, culminating in the visit to San Marino by a group of forty-two Zurrieq residents and councilllors in July 2011, and, subsequently a visit by San Marino residents in Zurrieq in 2012.


Zurrieq and Morphou – Cyprus


The Zurrieq Local Council has also embarked on a solidarity twinning with the occupied town of Morphou in the Republic of Cyprus. The first part of the agreement was signed in Cyprus on October 7th, 2000 by the then Vice Mayor of Zurrieq Mrs. Antonia Farrugia. The aim of this twinning is to support the Morphou community to re-gain their homeland.

Subsequently the twinning process was finalised in 2002, and since then, every year, a representative of the Local Council has been participating in the October Morphou Rally, whose aim is to recount the plight of the Morphou people and honour the memory of those who have succumbed to the violence of the occupiers.


Zurrieq and Angermunde – Germany


The first contacts between Angermunde and Zurrieq go back to February 2004.  These contacts soon were developed into an international project “Sport for Everybody”, carried out between the 22nd and the 26th September 2004, whereby thirteen residents of Zurrieq went to Angermunde for several sports tournaments.


These contacts subsequently led to a co-operation agreement signed in June 2007 in Angermunde, whereby the Zurrieq Local council and the Angermunde Council undertook to give their support to each other on several initiatives.  The Department for Local government subsequently gave its go ahead for a twinning agreement between the two towns.  This agreement was signed in Malta on the 2nd September 2007 and in Germany on the 26th January 2008.


The Zurrieq Local Council also implemented the project “Follow the Sun”, whereby youths from Germany continuously had short-term stays in Malta, in order to promote Angermunde and the Brandenburg region with the local people and commercial community.