The Nigret palace was built in 1715 by Chev. Giacobo de Togores. In the palace we find a chapel of a baroque style dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, which was referred to earlier on. In 1883, the Benedictians resided in the palace but left two years later. Today the palace serves as a convent and orphanage run by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart.Another interesting palace is situated in the Bubaqra zone and is currently owned by a foreign family. The palace is surrounded by cultivated land and gardens and enjoys unique views of the southern part of the Maltese islands.


The Armoury

The palace of the Armoury was built in the XVIIth century and was used as an armoury under Grandmasters Pinto, Ximenes and de Rohan. Than it was sold to Saverio Verario Crispo, in 1784. This was later passed to the Zimmermann Barbaro family. It was in this time that it is said that Napoleon Bonaparte visited the village of Zurrieq and slept for a night in this palace. In the second World War this was used by the British Armed Forces, station for the Hampshires Regiment. After the war, it passed to the Count Chappelle Paleologo.


The Wardija Tower

This tower is one of a set of thirteen towers guarding the coast around the island, built by Grand Master Martino De Redin, of the Knights Hospitallier Order of St. John. The Wardija Tower was constructed and finished by June of 1659 and was actually named as Torre della Guardia di Giorno.